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I put on lipstick, then make out with a person. Moments later I make a photograph of them with my lipstick on their face.

The result is a portrait not only of the subject but of me and the moment as well. I invite viewers to dive in to each image and try to imagine the kiss that preceded. I want the work to ask questions about human intimacy and the nature of kissing itself.
There Can Be No Pregnancy
One of Our Most Fabulous Friends
Maybe We Should Date
If 27-Year-Old Me Could See This He'd Freak Right Out May 27, 3 27 12 PM.jpg
Woe, The Horror She Hath Witnessed
My Life as A Poacher
A New Life in Jacksonville May 27, 5 39 33 PM.jpg
If I Forget Everything Else, I Will Remember Her Outfit
I'd Say About A Seven
I Wanted to Tell Her Something, But She Already Knows
Happy Kissing, and God Bless
Cardiac Dysrythmia May 27, 5 41 37 PM.jpg
Please Hold on to The Johnson
Once Naked Together in A Parking Lot
Scorpio Rising
The Girl with My Mom's Name Didn't Have Much to Say
Frozen Under A Dark Cloth
I'm Sorry but You're So Fine
Here, I'll Take The Shoes
He Must have Loved Us
Deep Deep Philosophy
Constant Jabbering
It Was Surprisingly Easy to Make Out With Lauren Dodge's Mom
The Smallest Slice of Revenge
Should I Clean Up or Do You Want Me Dirty
She Hurts My Feelings
This Is The Best Day of Your Life
Friend of A Friend of An Acquaintance
Happy Birthday to Us
I'll Make Out with Your Whole Family (Part III)
A Collection of Vowels
On Her Way To or From Work
Right in Front of His Wife
They Think I'm An Alien
I Whispered I Hope I Ever See You Again
Some Dumb Shakespeare Quote About Dreams and/or Trembling Lips
When I Pulled Away I Could Tell She Wasn't Quite Finished
I Apologize For My Crippling Insecurity
My First
Not A Single Ship Sank
I Never Did Buy Her That House I Promised
This Is Private Property
Rolanda Barthes
Seems Like Forever Since BJ Month
Not So Easy, Is It?
You Wanna Make Out with My Baby Don't You
It Took Me A Long Time to Work up The Nerve to Make Out with Lauren Dodge's Boyfriend
Pony, Just Pony.
Almost One Year After Her Birthday
In The Cold Moments Before Circus Class
She Could Pass for 29 Easy
Merry Christmas to Me